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Is the DEF light on again?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked over the phone at Big Shop is something along the lines of, “My DEF light is on and blinking. Was does that mean?” So, in this week’s blog we’re going to breakdown what the DEF Light could be signifying, and what your...

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5 Ways to Succeed and Fail as an Owner-Operator

The pressure is on as an owner-operator – you’re excited to own a business, earn more than ever and venture outside of the employee comfort zone, but there is much, much more to manage and plan for. It’s important to establish the right routine, structure and spending...

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Should I Buy or Lease My Truck as an Owner-Operator?

There are many benefits to making the leap into being an independent owner-operator. You have the freedom to choose jobs with greater scrutiny and you can also increase your cash flow dramatically. However, there’s a lot more to plan for and manage, as you will now be...

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Permian Basin Revival is good for Trucking

Hello! The US Geological Survey released on Tuesday announced the finding of a vast field of shale rock in West Texas, that could yield 20 billion barrels of oil. If that happened it would make it the largest source of oil the US Geological Survey has ever assessed....

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