The International Maxxforce engine break is optional for both Maxxforce 11 and 13 engine displacements. The engine brake is a compression release system the supplies additional vehicle braking performance.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system circulates cooled exhaust into the stream in the air inlet duct. The dual stage EGR cooler supplies regulated cooling of the EGR gases before entering the air intake duct.


The EGR system decreases NOx engine emissions by carrying inert cooled exhaust gas into the air inlet duct. NOx takes shape when a reaction between nitrogen and oxygen occurs at a high temperature during combustion.

The ECM monitors signals from the CACOT sensor, oxygen sensor(O2S), Engine coolant temperature.

The EGR is switched off if any of these conditions are met

  1. The temperature of the engine coolant hits lower than 10 degree Celsius
  2. During an engine brake operation
  3. Intake manifold temperatures hits lower than 7 degree Celsius

EGR Flow

Exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold flows through the EGR inlet tubes to the EGRV. As soon as the EGR system is activated, the EGRV opens and exhaust gas floods the EGR cooler.


EGR system consists of the EGRV, ETV, and O2S. The EGRV contains a PWM controlled valve and RGRP sensor. The EGRV is installed at the rear end of the EGR cooler, on the right side of the engine valve cover. The EGRV controls exhaust gas flow into the EGR cooler.


Before the O2S reaches its normal functional temperature, the EGR system operates in open loop. In the open loop phase, the EGR system is controlled by the ECM.

In the closed loop phase, after the O2S reaches its operating temperature, the EGR system switches to closed loop operation. In closed loop, the EGR system is controlled by the ECM.


The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) temporarily saves carbon-based particulates, oxidizes stored particulates, stores non-combustible ash and supplies required exhaust back pressure for proper engine performance.

The DPF is controlled by the ECM with the Diesel Particulate Filter Outlet Temperature (DPFOT) sensor located at the outlet of the DPF.