Waze Will Change How You See Your Hood

From time to time, I come across things that really make my life easier. I wanted to write about this app for your smart phone that has really helped me in many ways. I believe it will help the people that we care about at the Big Shop. So, if you’re a long haul trucker, Owner Operator, Spouse of a Long Haul Trucker or Spouse of a Owner Operator or if you’re a human that drives a vehicle … this blog post is for you.

The app that I am speaking of is Waze. Waze is the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. Here’s the basic idea: drivers that in the same area share information and it saves everyone time and gas.

#1 Waze is a time saver

Hands down … Waze saves you time – The first thing I do each morning before heading out to the office is turn on Waze and tell it I’m going to work. Waze calculate the route and usually it takes me 1 of 3 ways. I always know that Waze is taking me where the traffic is not. So, there is no doubt that Waze is saving me from sitting in traffic. I get to work on time!

#2 Waze will show you a new way

I’m constantly learning new Ways (waze) – I’ve learned so many new routes around the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. It is seriously like an adventure when Waze has me go a new way.

#3 Waze will tell you where the police are hiding

I get fewer speeding tickets – the Community tells me where the police are – No one likes to get a speeding ticket, right? Well, the Waze users update the app to tell you where the police are, and whether you can see them or not.

#4 Waze will show you where the hazards are lurking

I avoid potholes and hazards – You guessed it!! The community updates tell me where the potholes are and where road hazards might be. So, I can look out for them and avoid them.

#5 Waze can save you money on gas

It saves me money on Gas – If you’re one of the people who will drive an extra 5 miles to save 3 cents per gallon, then you’ll love Waze. The Community updates and lets you know where there cheapest gasoline can be found.

Those are my top 5 reasons that you should be using Waze. C’mon, you’ve got to admit it … those are pretty good reasons to use Waze. This app could change your whole day if you’re a trucker.  Download it today in the App store or the Google Play Store. Start using it, and here’s a tip for when you start using Waze. TRUST WAZE!! You’ll think that it is taking you the wrong way or taking you somewhere you don’t want to to go, but Waze knows the way. The Community knows the way!!