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We’re out to Make Trucking GREAT again! That starts with you and your trucks. We actually care about your uptime. Uptime means you’re moving the things that Make America Great. When that happens, YOU MAKE MONEY, and YOU’RE HOME MORE OFTEN!


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Adam Ernst
April 1, 2023

Best shop in Texas. They found the issues I was chasing for 2 years with my truck when no other shop could find the problem. This is my favorite shop in the country so I give them 5+ stars for being professional in every way.

As an owner/operator I have a choice who works on my equipment. From the second you walk through the door Melanie greets you with a smile and a kind word, and during the repair process provides me with any updates. The service the shop provides is too shelf indeed. I park at their facility, and it’s safe and secure. Keep up the great work Big Shop!!! Thank you.

Tessa Hawthorne
March 15, 2023

Tony and his shop people are amazing the work fast and do you right every time could not ask for a better shop to take the rig too

Simranjeet Singh
March 6, 2023

Great Job ,Quick Fast response Reasonable price Nice people ...

John Turner
March 2, 2023

This places awesome. Everybody that works there was very helpful they got my truck in and out pretty quick. They know what they're doing and the prices are great no complaints at all. After rebuilding my motor I wanted to get a dyno done to check the power. I drove from tulsa oklahoma to get it done. I was not disappointed. It's worth the drive.

Stacie Jarman
March 1, 2023

I almost hate to give a good review because they'll become so busy I won't be able to get my trucks in there, but I have to say that they did me RIGHT. They stand behind their work, take the time to really find out what the problem is and don't just throw parts at it to see what sticks. I've already told two people about them and I've just gotten home from their facility. They are STELLAR!!!! If you don't use them, you'd be doing yourself a disservice.

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