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Big Shop Diesel Services provides fast, effective Roadside Service. Our truck expertise makes us the one to call in any roadside emergency.

Regardless of how defensive or careful your drivers are, roadside breakdowns are inevitable at some point. When your trucks experience a sudden issue like a flat tire or dead battery, it’s crucial to have access to reliable, quick roadside assistance. These services save you time and frustration.

CALL 817-473-8565 FOR 24/7 SUPPORT


Heavy-Duty Towing

Driving an oversize or heavy-duty vehicle requires training and expertise for safe handling and maneuvering. The same holds for the operator towing an oversized vehicle. The pros at Big Shop Diesel have the training and certification to safely move or transport large vehicles such as firetrucks, trailers and semis, RVs, motor coaches, and ambulances in any condition.

Accident And Wreck Recovery

Vehicular accidents can be traumatic and debilitating. If you have been in an accident and your truck is damaged or even totaled, call Big Shop Diesel 24/7 and we will dispatch wrecker service in Mansfield, TX to extract and transport your vehicle. We can recover and transport your truck, regardless of its condition.

Winch-Out Service

Big Shop offers winch-out service if your vehicle gets stuck. We have the equipment and manpower to extract your vehicle from snow, mud, sand, or water.

Long-Distance Towing

Working with our affiliate partners nationwide, Big Shop Diesel Services offers long-distance towing and wrecker services. We vet our partners to ensure that their skills, experience, and licensure align with our standards of excellence and values.

A Big Shop, we use flatbed towing for long-distance hauls as it is the easiest and safest way to transport a vehicle. Flatbed towing does not require changing a vehicle’s powertrain during loading. Additionally, flatbed towing causes much less wear and tear to the vehicle because the wheels do not touch the ground, as they are secured to the surface of the flatbed. Strapping a vehicle securely to a flatbed also helps keep the road safe for other drivers.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Big Shop Diesel Service is ready when you need us for roadside assistance and towing. Our most common roadside services include filling gas tanks, jump-starting batteries, and tire changes. If your vehicle requires a more comprehensive repair and we can complete it safely on location, we will do so, getting you back on the road quickly.


How Do I Call For Roadside Assistance?

Getting roadside assistance is as simple as calling or texting Big Shop Diesel at (817) 473-8565. Our repair technicians and roadside professionals remain on-call, so you’re never waiting for help too long.

How Long Does It Take For Assistance To Get To Me?

Wait times for roadside assistance depend on various factors, including but not limited to how many other trucks require help, repair work occurring at our shop, and how many assistance professionals we have on staff at the moment. We value fast, efficient support, so you can call knowing Big Shop Diesel’s roadside assistance services will be there as soon as possible.

When Can I Call Roadside Assistance?

Our roadside assistance services are available 24/7, so you can get back on the road whenever you experience a problem.

Are Your Technicians And Drivers Certified For Trucks?

Since our shop specializes in truck repair and services, all our technicians have certifications to drive and work on trucks. We understand the intricacies and challenges of these vehicles and have the training, expertise, and equipment to treat them right.

Are Membership Or Monthly Fees Necessary For Assistance From Big Shop Diesel Services?

There are additional fees associated with receiving roadside assistance from us. Call today to inquire about our roadside assistance plans.


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