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Big Shop Diesel Services is one of Mansfield, TX’s leading heavy-duty truck repair companies. We offer high-quality diesel truck repair and maintenance services that help your vehicle reach its full potential at a price that won’t break the bank. From professional brake repair to routine tune-ups, Big Shop Diesel Services is here to help.

We offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance as well as in-shop repair services including:

Preventative maintenance, dyno diagnostics, engine rebuilds, minor to major repairs, and so much more. When you work with Big Shop Diesel Services, you work with the best in the business.

Popular Shop Services:

Dyno Diagnostics

Big Shop Diesel Services provides not only the best truck repair in Mansfield, TX, but also offers dyno diagnostics to ensure an effective, accurate repair. Understanding the benefits of dyno diagnostics provides more insight into the superiority of Big Shop Diesel’s truck care services.

A dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a piece of diagnostic equipment that helps measure an engine’s torque, rotational speed, and fuel economy. With modern technology, newer dynos like the ones at Big Shop Diesel provide graphical representations of your engine’s condition and functionality. This high-level data collection helps repair technicians analyze necessary repairs and evaluate finished repair work.

At Big Shop Diesel Services, we utilize dyno diagnostics to comprehensively identify the necessary repairs for your vehicle and validate the success of repair work. These performance diagnostics also provide insight into your vehicle’s lifespan and overall health. This information is essential for any business that depends on truck transport to deliver its goods.

Engine Rebuild Services

Engine rebuilds are complicated jobs only meant for highly experienced professionals. At Big Shop Diesel Services, we have over 200 years of combined experience delivering engine rebuilds in Mansfield, TX.

Our automotive services technicians will inspect, clean, and replace worn-out parts during the rebuild process. We’ll reuse parts in excellent condition, giving you an engine ready to go for a few more years.

One of the problems facing truck owners during engine rebuilds is the subjectivity of the entire process.

It’s not uncommon to find two engine repair professionals with different opinions on a diesel engine part’s level of wear and tear. You never have to worry about this problem at Big Shop Diesel Services.

We guarantee high-performance engines on completion of the rebuild because we follow a strict evaluation process. We won’t reuse weak parts or throw out parts that are still in good condition. Book an appointment with us today to transform your diesel truck’s engine.

Oil Change Services

You probably already know that your truck, just like your car, needs regular maintenance to keep it running in optimal condition and that one of the things you need to do most is change the oil, but do you know why it’s so important? 

Regular oil changes keep your truck’s engine running smoothly, but they also help improve your truck’s fuel economy, and with diesel prices being so high, every little bit helps. Unfortunately, changing your truck’s oil is complicated and should be left to professionals since trucks hold gallons of oil instead of quarts. If your truck needs an oil change, give our experts a call!

While regular maintenance is the key to keeping your truck in good shape for years to come, more often than not, people forget to get their truck serviced, or they bypass the warning signs to see whether they can squeeze in one more trip before having to bring the truck into the shop. The problem with skipping regular checkups is that you risk making a minor issue even more significant.

Don’t put your truck’s maintenance on the back burner. Instead, ensure you are looking for the signs that you need an oil change, and get it to a trusted diesel shop as soon as possible. If you are around the Mansfield, TX, area, stop by our shop or call us. The Big Shop Diesel Services team is here to help.

How Often Does My Truck Need An Oil Change?

The time it takes for your truck to require an oil change will depend on how frequently you use it, the age of your truck, the quality of the oil, and the weather conditions in which you are driving. 

For the most part, you should change your semi-truck’s oil every 25,000 miles. This number might seem like a lot compared to the standard 3,000 miles for your car, but to put it in perspective, your truck holds a lot more oil than your car, and because trucks travel longer distances, it usually takes the same amount of time for a truck to get to 25,000 miles as it does for a car to reach 3,000.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Repairing a broken-down diesel engine truck requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money. Beyond the cost of repairs, you will also lose revenue over the course of the downtime. With quality preventive maintenance, you can significantly limit the frequency of breakdowns.

Big Shop Diesel Services provides high-quality preventive maintenance in Mansfield, TX. We provide thorough, customized maintenance services designed to keep your diesel trucks running smoothly all year.

Truck Axle Repair

Axles are an essential component of every truck. However, even the best-built axles are susceptible to breaking down, putting your truck out of commission for days or longer. Fortunately, Big Shop Diesel Services offers first-class truck axle repair in Mansfield, TX, that will have you back on the road in no time.

Truck Brake Repair And Maintenance

The one thing you do not want is to drive with faulty brakes. It's important to pay attention to the warning signs that may indicate you have faulty brakes. From shaking brakes to loud noises when you brake, below are some of the most common indicators that there may be something wrong with your brake system. 

  • Hearing strange sounds when you brake. One of the quickest ways to tell your brakes are having trouble or are soon due for a change is by listening to the noises they make. If you hear a grinding, knocking, rattling, or squeaking when you apply the brakes, you need to get them checked out. Most likely, your brake pads and rotors need servicing.

  • Your truck leaves any liquid behind. If you notice a yellow or dark brown liquid under your truck, it may be leaking brake fluid. If this is the case, you need to get the leak repaired immediately.

  • Your dashboard warning light goes on. Whenever you have problems with your brakes, your brake or check engine light will go on. If this happens, get your brakes checked. If you see a light on your dashboard, don’t ignore it.

  • Your truck shakes when you brake. Even though a pulsing brake may indicate that your anti-lock brake is doing its job, shaking or vibrating could suggest a problem with your rotors.

  • Soft brakes. If your brake pedal seems soft or spongy when you press it, you may have a problem with your brake shoes or fluid lines.

  • Hard brakes. On the other hand, if your brakes are stiff, you may have a bad seal on the brake booster or a problem with your brake fluid. Either way, you will want to get it checked out.

  • Your truck goes toward one side when you brake. An uneven hydraulic issue or a problem with your brake hardware may cause your truck to pull over to one side when you brake.

Truck Exhaust And Muffler Repair

Truck exhaust and muffler issues can be a headache on the road and at the loading dock. We have the quality exhaust parts and automotive expertise to install them properly for a fair price.

Truck Fuel Pump Repair

Truck Radiator Service

Truck Steering Repair

Truck Suspension Repair

Truck Transmission Repair

Truck Wheel Alignment


BIG BOSS TURBOS: Made with a very robust design to withstand the toughest heat cycle conditions adding reliability and efficiency. The industry-exclusive stainless steel turbine housing design is built to enhance airflow with consistency.

BIG BOSS EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: Designed to maximize exhaust air flow to reduce turbo lag time and cool exhaust temps. They average a 20% air flow increase over stock manifolds, cooling exhaust temps up to 75-100 degrees.


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