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Axles are an essential component of every truck. However, even the best-built axles are susceptible to breaking down, putting your truck out of commission for days or longer. Fortunately, Big Shop Diesel Services offers first-class truck axle repair in Mansfield, TX, that will have you back on the road in no time.

Big Shop Diesel Services is one of Mansfield, TX’s leading heavy-duty truck repair companies. We offer high-quality diesel truck repair and maintenance services that help your vehicle reach its full potential at a price that won’t break the bank. From professional brake repair to routine tune-ups, Big Shop Diesel Services is here to help.

What Is an Axle?

Axles are central shafts that rotate your truck’s tires through torque. They also allow trucks to carry heavy cargo without adversely affecting their frame or performance. Without an axle, your truck can’t rotate its tires, making it immobile and obsolete.

Truck axles come in two primary varieties:

  • Single Axles
  • Tandem axles

Single axles attach to two tires (one on each side of the truck), while tandem axles connect to four (two on each side). Tandem axles are more robust and have a higher carrying capacity, allowing trucks to transport heavy cargo without issue. They are the preferred option for heavy-duty vehicles and typically attach to the rear of a truck or trailer.

Having strong axles is vital for any truck transferring cargo. The heavy weight combined with uneven road work puts immense stress on the axles and can cause them to break if they can’t support the strain.

At Big Shop Diesel Services, our team has extensive experience repairing and maintaining all the leading truck axle varieties from the industry’s biggest brands. We will restore your truck’s axle using best-in-class supplies that ensure optimal durability and performance. If we believe the part is beyond repair, we will replace it with an enhanced model without surpassing your budget.

Signs of a Broken or Failing Truck Axle

Understanding the early warning signs of a broken or failing axle will help you repair it before it puts your truck out of commission. However, many novice truckers don’t know the common indications of a broken axle. Some signs that you need truck axle repair in Mansfield, TX, include:

  • Rumbling sounds or noticeable vibrations underneath your truck
  • The truck wheels feel wobbly or uneven while driving
  • The truck’s wheels remain stagnant when you accelerate or change gears
  • The truck makes clunking or clanking noises
  • You experience power transfer issues
  • Grease leaks underneath the truck or around your tires’ interior edge

Failing to address axle problems early can cause steering suspension damage and put you, your truck, and other drivers at risk. It can also lead to more significant and expensive repairs that can take a toll on your finances.

If you notice any of the issues above and believe your truck has a broken or faulty axle, contact Big Shop Diesel Services for truck axle repair in Mansfield, TX. Our team will assess your vehicle, repair it, and take measures to prevent future issues.

How to Preserve Your Truck Axle

Maintaining your truck axle is the best way to preserve its durability, lifespan, and overall quality. It also helps you save money while allowing you to get more out of your vehicle. Below are some efficient ways to keep your axle in impeccable condition.

Keep Your Truck Properly Aligned

Keeping your truck properly aligned can prevent your axle from breaking while preserving your tires’ integrity. Correct alignment hinders other issues that cause your truck’s axles to wear out and prevents blowouts while you’re on the road.

Although it’s best to take your truck to a professional repair shop for an alignment inspection, you can test it yourself. Place a straightedge next to the tires attached to the axle. If your truck is properly aligned, both tires will touch the straightedge evenly. However, if the tires aren’t even or have gaps bigger than 1/8 inches, you may have a bent axle.

There are also a few signs of a bent axle every heavy-duty truck owner should know. These signs include:

  • The truck’s fuel economy is lower than average
  • Increased vibrations in the seat or steering wheel
  • The tires experience excessive wear

Take Your Truck in For Regular Inspections

Professional truck inspections help you identify potential issues before they take hold. Mechanics will assess your truck axle’s condition and notify you if they uncover excess wear or faulty components. Most truck inspections include:

  • Camshaft inspection and bushings to ensure proper lubrication and evaluate wear
  • Bearing and hub cleaning, lubrication, and inspection
  • Fastener replacement and tapped hole repair (if necessary)
  • Axle spindle, beam, and brake spider inspection
  • Trailer axle and suspension inspection to identify leaks

Taking your truck in for routine inspections is an important part of owning a heavy-duty vehicle. At Big Shop Diesel Services, we offer exceptional truck inspections that ensure your vehicle remains pristine for an affordable rate.

We analyze every inch of your truck to guarantee optimal performance and safety. Our team will take your truck to the next level with unmatched servicing that ensures it lives up to your high expectations. If you want your truck to be the best it can be without spending a small fortune on subpar mechanics, contact Big Shop Diesel Services.

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If you need truck axle repair in Mansfield, TX, contact Big Shop Diesel Services. We will have your truck axle functioning better than ever at a price that won’t stress your finances. Whether you need to repair your axle spindles or want to know why your def light turned on, Big Shop Diesel Services is here for all your trucking needs.

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