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A heavy-duty truck’s radiator help keep the whole system in check. However, a malfunctioning radiator can present big problems requiring repairs. When issues arise, turn to Big Shop Diesel Services for high-quality truck radiator service in Mansfield, TX.

We are the premier Dallas-Fort Worth diesel truck shop that can fix any major issues with your truck’s radiator. Our skilled team of technicians can diagnose the problem and deliver fast, reliable repairs so you can get back behind the wheel. 

What Is a Truck Radiator?

The radiator plays a crucial part in keeping heavy-duty trucks cool. The truck’s engine system generates enormous amounts of heat every time you turn on the ignition. It’s up to the radiator to prevent the vehicle from overheating. 

The radiator functions by releasing a coolant throughout the system once the vehicle’s engine gives off a specific level of heat. This coolant absorbs the heat in a continuous process to keep the system from melting as the engine runs. 

Your truck’s radiator is one of the most important components of the overall function of the vehicle. Contact our specialists if you suspect any issues with your radiator. We can determine the exact problem and get you back on the road quickly.

Signs You Need Radiator Repair

A faulty radiator system can give off several signs to alert drivers that it is on the fritz. One of the most obvious indicators a truck needs radiator repairs is when it starts to emit white smoke. Noticeable puffs of smoke appearing from underneath the hood or the exhaust pipe is a clear sign the truck is overheating. 

Drivers should watch the temperature gauge on the truck’s dashboard for another sign of radiator trouble. When the system’s temperature rises into the dangerous red zone, take note. Pull over to the side of the road and turn off the truck if you experience white smoke or a dangerous temperature reading while driving. 

Other radiator issues may not be apparent while operating the vehicle. However, you can detect them during simple maintenance checks.

Pop the hood and look for signs of discoloration. If there is rust or missing paint, it likely means your cooling system is leaking fluid into the engine. You may also notice a bright green liquid leaking beneath the truck. 

If you experience any of these issues, call our experts at Big Shop Diesel Services. Our efficient technicians waste no time restoring your radiator system so your truck can hit the road safely. 

How to Fix Truck Radiators

More often than not, radiator problems occur because of a leak within the system. Stopping the operation of the truck and getting it to a skilled technician as soon as you detect a leak can make repair jobs easier. Continuing to run the engine with a known leak can damage your drive belts and lead to major mechanical failure.

To fix leaks, technicians must first determine their severity. Inserting a plug offers a solution for most minor leaks. However, they may need to replace the whole cooling system in some serious cases. 

Let our experienced team survey your radiator for damage, and we can provide you with the appropriate repair. 

How Much Do Truck Radiator Repairs Cost?

The overall cost to repair a heavy-duty truck’s radiator system can vary. The extent of damage and labor each job requires can impact the total price you pay. However, Big Shop Diesel Services aims to provide affordable rates for customers.

Once we pinpoint the problem with your radiator, our staff can provide details on repair costs and answer any questions you have. We strive to give you the best rate for heavy-duty truck radiator repairs.

Trustworthy Truck Radiator Repair in Mansfield, TX

If you operate a semi or heavy-duty truck in the Mansfield area of Texas, look no further for a reliable shop that can repair radiator problems. Our team at Big Shop Diesel Services proudly serves diesel truck drivers in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. We work hard to provide reliable truck radiator service in Mansfield, TX, so that you can quickly get back to your job. 

Emergency Radiator Repairs

We understand that breakdowns are never convenient. Our team of technicians is standing by to offer mobile service in the event your truck overheats on the road. Call the shop if you experience emergencies with your radiator, especially a smoking hood or dangerous temperature gauge reading while driving. 

We can safely bring your truck to the shop when it’s not possible for you to come to us. Our staff will begin immediate work on repairing your cooling system so you can drive with peace of mind. Save yourself the time and trouble of dealing with a dealership for radiator issues.

Our experts work quickly so your truck can return to the road safely after any emergency mechanical failure.

Tips to Avoid Truck Radiator Damage

Heavy-duty trucks are subject to severe damage when their radiator starts to fail. Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to prevent radiator issues. 

Our staff can issue standard maintenance on your truck, including radiator cleaning and pressure tests. These steps are vital for increasing the overall efficiency of your system.

A clean radiator allows for more airflow and can improve its cooling capacity. Running a pressure test is helpful for uncovering leaks within the system. Be sure to run routine maintenance on your heavy-duty truck to prevent costly radiator problems. 

Choose Big Shop Diesel Services for Truck Radiator Repairs

When your heavy-duty truck is at risk of overheating, you want the right diesel truck shop to handle the job. Rely on our experts to inspect your truck’s cooling system, detect problems and fix them promptly. 

For trusted truck radiator service in Mansfield, TX, turn to Big Shop Diesel Services. Our knowledgeable staff guarantees top quality on all repair services. Contact us at (817) 473-8565 to schedule a radiator service appointment today.